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ArcelorMittal in France

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Fabric of life

From ships to skyscrapers, steel is the fabric of life. In France, steel’s versatility and flexibility plays an integral role in people’s daily lives, from the daily commute to celebrating with family, from watching the match to taking to the slopes.

Raising a glass

The vineyards of France are world renowned for producing high-quality wine and Champagne. From harvest time to packaging, steel is relied upon at many stages of the production process. ArcelorMittal’s WireSolutions division is a major supplier to vineyards throughout the country and in Europe. It produces the wire used to support growing vines, in the most difficult operating conditions in order to ensure the best crops to producers. ArcelorMittal also makes the steel posts, from Indaten® weathering steel, used in vineyards.

In north-east France, millions of bottles of Champagne are produced every year. To preserve the quality of this famous wine, the WireSolutions site of Commercy produces several hundred tons of specialty steel wires to make the wire caps that keep Champagne corks in place. Our research and development teams in Gandrange, France, and Gent, Belgium, have worked with the wire mill in Commercy to ensure that the microstructure of this complex product can withstand the twisting needed to remove it.

Preserving history

More than three million visitors descend upon Mont Saint-Michel, a rocky tidal Island and commune in Normandy, each year. Slowly, the island is becoming attached to the coast by sand. Our compound stainless steel sheets play a major role in the sector-gate system that helps the river Couesnon wash out the sand from the Mont Saint-Michel area, enabling this UNESCO World Heritage Site to remain an island.

Driving safely

Automotive equipment such as alternators, windscreen wipers and window-opening motors are all made using steel. Our site in the east of the country, ArcelorMittal Marnaval, is a world leader in producing the cold-rolled steel wire used in wiper arms that protect windscreens from adverse weather.

Watching the match

We make steel frames that help shape the look of football stadiums worldwide. The high masts used to support large stadium lights are also made from steel, built in several, polygonal sections. World Cup stadiums built with ArcelorMittal steel include those for tournaments in South Africa, Germany and the 1998 tournament in France.

Reaching for the stars

The main business district in Paris, La Défense, is home to the D2 Tower, the first steel-framed tower in the district and one of the first steel-framed skyscrapers in France. When complete, the office building will be 171m and 37 storeys high, constructed using 4,200 tonnes of ArcelorMittal beams, mostly HISTAR® grades. Aside from providing diamond-shaped windows, the beams will have a metal coating to strengthen the diamond-like effect of the steel exoskeleton structure.

Taking to the slopes

ArcelorMittal Bourg-en-Bresse’s international reputation is the result of a century’s experience in the production of special steel wire ropes. Here we produce compact monowire technology used to construct cableways and ski lifts in France and across the world.

Works of art

Each year the Château of Versailles invites a celebrated contemporary artist to present their work for a period of six months. In the summer of 2011, French-born sculptor Bernar Venet was invited to display seven of his massive steel structures in the palace gardens. Venet’s sculptures were created with ArcelorMittal’s Indaten® steel, best known for its natural weathered look.

Washing our clothes

ArcelorMittal and students from the International School of Design (ISD) in Valenciennes have collaborated on a project to design a revolutionary new washing machine. The design integrated many innovative steel solutions and highlighted ArcelorMittal’s co-engineering expertise. The prototype exceeded all four design considerations: style, strength, practicality and cost.

Playing the game

Anyone who has played pétanque, whether for fun or serious competition, will be familiar with Obut. The company, based in St Bonnet-le-Château, near St Etienne, is the leading designer and manufacturer of pétanque boules. Its competition balls are made from long carbon steel and stainless steel; while its recreational boules are made of flat carbon steel.

Energising an island

Photovoltaic electricity is becoming a mainstream source of energy, especially in remote or isolated places lacking other natural resources such as oil and gas. One such example is on the Indian Ocean island of Réunion, where a 5.7 megawatt solar camp built from ArcelorMittal steel is feeding the local electrical network, turning the tropical sunshine into a massive benefit for the population.

The photovoltaic network structure can resist winds reaching peaks of up to 300kmh (an important requirement in this cyclonic region); its steel, with an anti-corrosion treatment guaranteed for 20 years, is perfectly suited for a maritime and humid climate; and the solar panels are specifically built to support the cultivation of vanilla.

Fighting fires

The fire and rescue services building in Libourne is a striking construction featuring two distinct, but complementary buildings. Designed by Atelier des Architectes Mazières, the building is enclosed with ArcelorMittal’s Aluzinc®. This material is extremely resistant to corrosion which gives it a long lifespan, saving on precious raw materials. The Aluzinc® panels were stamped with a wave pattern, symbolising the importance of water to firefighters.

Houses of the future

Houses made from steel are quick to build, easy to work with, cost-effective and safer than those built with traditional building materials. Steel houses are already proving popular across parts of Scandinavia and have also started to appear in the North American, Australian and Japanese markets. In Western Europe, 3,000 have been built to date, and that number is set to rise.

Working alongside Maisons France Confort (MFC) and 15 other companies, we are seeking to build the house of tomorrow, today. The MFC 2020 solution is a zero-emission, environmentally friendly house that generates enough energy to be self-sustainable and even fuel an electric car. And it’s made of steel.

The first MFC 2020 concept house was built in Lyon. We developed the robust metal framework using STYLTECH, the leading technique for detached housing. The exterior of the structure, including the walls and roof, is also built from steel and composite isothermal sandwich panels in polyurethane foam.

Watch the video about the house of the future

Read our corporate brochure, Fabric of life, to find out more about where ArcelorMittal’s steel is used.

French vineyards are world renowned for producing high-quality wine. From harvest time to packaging, steel is relied upon at many stages of the production process

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