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ArcelorMittal in France

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About ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company. It has an industrial footprint in 19 countries and is present in 60 countries. The group is the leading supplier of quality steel products in all major markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging.

The first steel producer in France

In France, ArcelorMittal’s 17,200 employees work on its 40 production sites, distribution and services centers, and four R & D locations.

In 2015 ArcelorMittal produced 10 million tons crude steel in France (about 10% of the group’s global production) then manufactured it into coils, sheets, plates, rods, bars...

Three segments responding to the needs of our customers

ArcelorMittal is active in three segments in France:

ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products

ArcelorMittal Europe - Long Products

Distribution Solutions, which includes distribution operations, service centres, construction, Industeel...

Its products serve various markets including automotive, construction, energy, packaging, engineering...

In 2015, ArcelorMittal invested €212 million in its sites for environmental compliance, modernization, safety, and maintenance activities.

Innovation in France

ArcelorMittal‘s Research and development (R & D) shows a significant presence in the country, with 780 researchers out of the 1,300 employed worldwide and over €65 million invested in 2015.

The group’s largest R&D site is located in Maizières-lès-Metz (France).



Men and women of ArceloMittal

ArcelorMittal has 17,200 employees in France France (at December 31, 2015) and hired 1,250 people in 2015.

The employees received an average 31 hours of training in 2015. ArcelorMittal is also committed to training young people with more than 600 trainees and apprentices in contract on our sites.

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